Presana Music is a music creation, copyright management and licensing company.

- We manage and license existing commercial music and production music copyrights on a worldwide basis.
- We create bespoke Music with our network of Composers, Instrumentalists, Engineers and Studios.

Commercially Released Music - Presana controls All Rights Worldwide and therefore grants One Stop Shop Music Licences in as smooth a manner as possible. Our Record Label and Music Publishing divisions feed into our One Stop Music Synchronization Licensing division.

Production Music Library (Fully registered & available through the MCPS Production Music Rate Card Scheme in the UK). Overseas markets are welcome to use the MCPS online portal, however we are also able to license direct to you outside the UK.

"Presana is about bringing people together. Music is the language of the soul and therein lies its magic." - Caspian Bodhi Lennox (Founder)

We believe in the power of music, the excitement of storytelling, being inclusive, the importance of asking questions and maintaining clear, open communication. We also believe in individual and corporate responsibility for the environment. The name 'Presana' comes from Sanskrit text. It means 'mission'... 

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