Caspian Lennox

UK born Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Soulful Alternative Artist Caspian Lennox

Fernando Sessé

Fernando Sessé is from Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul which is the most state of Brazil and bordering Argentina and Uruguay. He is a highly respected and influential percussionist. The album Em Frente (Presana) was released on April 15th…

Silver Rose

Silver Rose is the shoegaze and dream pop influenced solo project of Carla Sariñana, bass player and co-founder of Mexican rock band Ruido Rosa (also on Presana). An exploration of Shoegaze and Dream Pop genre influences such as The Jesus and Mary…

La Gusana Ciega

Nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2015, 'La Gusana Ciega' are one of Mexico City's great alternative rock bands bringing the young and not so young together.

Ruido Rosa

4 piece Rock band from Mexico City with energy and fire in their playing. They have played the Vive Latino festival and SXSW and supported KISS, Queens of The Stone Age and Maroon 5

Rooster Cole

Rooster Cole is the solo storytelling showman project of Black Black Hills frontman and songwriter Mark S. Aaron. Tales of love and loss tinged with a 1950s Rock N' Roll swagger.

Fabio Barros

Fabio Barros is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has released three full length albums since 2006, "Circo de Pulgas", “Enquanto eu caminhava” and “O Mundo Lá Dentro”. He composed the original soundtrack to the feature film…

Some Velvet Morning

Brooding, Raw, Shimmering London Rock! Debut album nominated for XFM Album of the Year and opening track of Album 'Allies' titled 'How to Start a Revolution' is the main theme to 2014 UK film 'The Smoke'

Black Black Hills

Original alternative rock feel. Male vocal - real story-telling with incredible range in texture and power, accompanied by shimmering guitars, keyboards, percussion and an infectious carnival-esque groove. Many many layers to this infectious sound from UK

Scant Regard

Scant Regard is the solo project of London based guitarist, writer, and producer Will Crewdson, best known for his work with the UK rock band Rachel Stamp, US singer Johnette Napolitano, Flesh for Lulu, Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow.