Black Black Hills

From the south coast of the UK, the Black Black Hills are a completely original, alternative rock band, centred around Mark's vocals and percussion. The vocal alone is mighty impressive - real story-telling with clarity, incredible range in texture and power, accompanied by shimmering guitars, percussion and an infectious groove whether in the style of one of their alternative ballads such as 'My Lover's Gone' or a power house high energy track like 'A Drowning' which in itself has layers and breathing space. Once bitten by the energy and sound of this band, it'll be very hard to shake...

'A Drowning' + Bonus title 'I Can't Stand You at All' followed by an 8 track self-titled album were released in January 2015

The song titles are signed to Presana Music Publishing and the recordings are signed to Presana Recordings.

For synchronization purposes and all general worldwide licensing of the music on a one-stop-shop basis, come and talk to us via:

London +44 20 3397 9696 or



  • UK
  • Energetic
  • male vocal
  • Alternative
  • High Energy
  • upbeat
  • shimmering guitars
  • power
  • keyboards
  • rhythms
  • original
  • Presana Recordings
  • Presana Music Publishing