Caspian Lennox

Caspian Bodhi Lennox is a British born Composer, Songwriter, Singer and Multi-Instrumentalist Musician. Of mixed background he grew up in South London, where from an early age he was exposed to the folk tales, stories and carnival rhythms of Trinidad & Tobago as well as Classical & Romantic era European music. 

Never comfortable in a box, Caspian is a storyteller, whose music composition on the one hand, spans the classical, Romantic, and ambient soundtrack genres centred around Piano and Strings, and on the other, the Song - driven by guitars and piano. Stories on the ups and downs of a journey through life, blending blues, soul, alternative rock, shoegaze and folk styles.

With hints of Dire Straits, The War on Drugs and the Storytelling of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and The Waterboys, Caspian's debut commercial Song 'The Brightest Star' was released worldwide on 16th November 2018.

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  • composer
  • cinematic
  • singer-songwriter
  • soundtrack
  • Guitarist
  • Pianist
  • Singer
  • UK Artist
  • Indie Label Artist
  • Songwriter
  • Classical Composer