Dina Fanai

From New york City, Dina has 6 studio albums under her belt.

She composed, and was a featured vocalist on Grammy nominated Dave Eggar's "Kingston Morning" released on Domo Records, and has travelled the world as a vocalist, songwriter, composer and singer with the platinum selling arena rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 

For one-stop-shop synchronization purposes and all general worldwide licensing of the music, come and talk to us. 

We recommend that you check out http://dinafanai.com/ where you can find out more, purchase her music and link up on all social media platforms. Also, check out her involvement in an incredible project called 'Cinema 12' alongside Bob Kinkel, Dave Eggar, and Nik Chinboukas http://cinema12music.com/



  • Beautiful
  • Female vocal
  • Piano
  • ballad
  • epic sounds
  • delicate
  • soaring
  • cello
  • grand
  • Animation features