La Gusana Ciega

From Mexico City, La Gusana Ciega are an Alternative Rock band born out of the final days of the "new wave"music movement in the late eighties as a trio of teenagers looking for a personal sound.

Presana manages and licenses the Master and Publishing copyrights on 5 tracks from their July 2014 Latin Grammy Nominated release Monarca

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With just shy of 1 million facebook followers and 160,000 Twitter followers, they have a sizeable following and bridge the gap between the young and not so young!



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Staying hidden while exploring their sound and polishing what would be their first album: Merlina (released in 1996), as a 4 piece, they then signed to Asylum Records and released their second album in 1997, Super Bee.

Their popularity rise as the established themselves as one of the most important Spanish singing rock bands in Mexico. In 1999 they travelled to New York City and recorded their third studio album, Internal Correspondence. With this lively release, La Gusana Ciega defined their sound and with the single "No Puedo Verte" they reached their greatest number of followers. In 2006 they released La Rueda del Diablo, their most ambitious production, which integrated most of the musical and lyrical experience of the band, creating their best work so far. La Gusana Ciega over the years has grown a cult following whose fans live the songs as a soundtrack of their own lives. La Gusana Ciega live show experience is a cocktail of profound and intense emotions.