Ruido Rosa


Ruido Rosa was born in Mexico City in 2005. Co-founded by Carla Sariñana and Mariana Mercado, later joined by Alejandra Moreno and Daniela Sanchez. 

They played every ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition they could find and every venue that would have them. Starting out playing Rock covers before composing their own songs influenced by artists including Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Jack White. With their powerful, energetic live performances - and as one of the few all female rock groups in Mexico - they caused quite a stir!

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In 2009, co-founder Mariana left the group, replaced on drums by Maryluz Alatriste who was replaced by current drummer Alicia Zepeda in 2012.

2009 also marked the year of recording their self-titled debut which released in 2010, promoted with a tour around Mexico which generated significant media buzz.

Dentro”, their first single, was released in 2010 and reached #1 in the Mexico iTunes sales chart in the first week.

Miedo a Caer”, their second single, was released in August of 2011. 

Días de Verano” was the third and final title released as a single.

Their music has been synchronized into Mexican independent films and most recently in a T-Mobile Latin American commercial in 2015.

They have supported KISS (2010), Maroon 5 (2011), The Joy Formidable (2011), Queens of the Stoneage (2014) and have played Corona Capital, Vive Latino, Marvin Festival and SXSW

Ruido Rosa have been supported by magazines such as Nylon, Rolling Stone, Marvin, Reforma, Glamour Magazine,, and radio stations such as Ibero 90.9, Alfa 91.3, EXA FM, Reactor 105.7.


The band have also generated interest from and teamed up with Paco Rabanne, Cerveza Indio, Ray Ban, Converse, Vans, Mac Cosmetics and Calvin Klein.

In 2013 they recorded and released the single “Amanecer” produced by Grammy winner Camilo Froideval.

In 2014 they played the MTV Millennial awards (México).  

They are currently working on new music for 2015-2016.

Ruido Rosa is Carla Sariñana (Bass), Alejandra Moreno (Vox), Daniela Sanchez (Guitar) and Alicia Zepeda (Drums).



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