— Nov 12, 2016

Silver Rose Debut EP - Reviews give it an overwhelming thumbs up!

A monolithic testament to the gothic pop of yesteryear. Honest heartfelt stories of love, loneliness, dreams and perseverance...

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— Nov 11, 2016

Silver Rose self-titled debut EP in Raw Ramp

Wave upon wave of churning guitar sound that seems to crash against the Pacific cliffs of rhythm...

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— Oct 29, 2016

Silver Rose added to Spotify Distrito Indie Playlist

'Crimen' from the debut selft-titled EP 'Silver Rose' is added to Spotify's Mexico City based Distrito Indie playlist

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— Sep 20, 2015

Rooster Cole releases Bird Don't Sing EP (Presana)

Rooster Cole is the solo project of Black Black Hills frontman & songwriter Mark S. Aaron. Tales of overblown gestures, love and loss, tinged with a 1950s Rock n Roll swagger.

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— May 1, 2015

Rooster Cole - More Than You EP reviewed by Ringmaster

'The Ringmaster Review' spends time on the debut release from Rooster Cole and the evolution of Black Black Hills. The 'sound and presence is pure aural theatre, transportation to sultry and emotional adventures which simply…

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— Apr 17, 2015

Jorge Ramirez-Escudero

A little teaser treat from Presana composer Jorge Ramirez Escudero

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— Apr 16, 2015

Rooster Cole debut - More Than You EP - Out Now

Presana releases the debut from Rooster Cole

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— Jan 12, 2015

Black Black Hills - Black Black Hills

Presana Recordings releases self-titled album 'Black Black Hills' on 12th January

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— Jan 7, 2015

Presana Recordings releases A Drowning

Hypnotically infectious. Presana Recordings releases 'A Drowning' + bonus title 'I Can't Stand You At All" on 5th January 2015

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— Dec 7, 2014

Lenny Kravitz live at SSE Wembley Arena Saturday 6th Dec

What an evening for a jam!

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— Nov 6, 2014

Bruno Kayapy e Marina Lima no Sol Sunday Sessions

Em clima de fim de tarde intimista, a SOL, cerveja Premium de origem mexicana, juntamente à chef Helena Rizzo, promove neste domingo (9) a última edição de 2014 do projeto SOL Sunday Sessions a partir das 16h.

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— Oct 22, 2014

Anna Phoebe 'Between the Shadow and the Soul'

Released on 20th October as a Standard 10 track version and a Deluxe version which includes her 'Embrace EP' from 2013, 'Between the Shadow and the Soul' as a Progressive Instrumental World Rock Music album is a delight for…

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