Charlie Mancini

Specialism: Piano & Composition

Location: Portugal

Charlie Mancini started composing music for independent film in 2007 after studying Audio Production with some of the great Lisbon based Engineers.

He blends Portuguese, wider European, African and Brazilian elements to his sonic landscape.

Piano and keyboards are his 'first instruments', he also plays electric bass and guitar.

His compositions for the Presana Production Music Library are Playlisted below, and as one of our composers, his arrangement skills enable him to compose for a Trio or Quartet, through to a ‘Big Jazz Band’ or ‘Chamber Orchestra’. 

On the playlist, when you play one that you like, you should see 'view track' to the right-hand side - tap there and you'll be taken to all the track metadata needed, along with a link to the MCPS rate card for easy processing and worldwide licensing.

Charlie is regularly requested to perform Live Improvised Silent Movie Musical Accompaniment work, which creates fantastic additional dynamic story-telling layers and allows him to continually sharpen his 'Composition to Visual Image' skills at the Coalface of 'Entertainment meets the Public', with no place to hide.

Charlie performs in this manner at Private events and public screenings. A taster of this can be viewed in the video below. 

If you like his stuff, do get in touch with us via the London office on +44 20 3397 9696 or via and we can discuss how we can best help you - whether it be commissioned composition, sound design or for Charlie to play at a private or public event.





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