Specialism: Electric Guitar & Effects

Location: London, UK

Will Crewdson, made a name for himself on the glam-rock circuit as an electric guitarist. Most famously as lead guitarist with the very successful major label UK band 'Rachel Stamp'!

He got his chops the old fashioned way - by gigging, touring and experimenting!

Always looking to develop his musical education, and keeping sharp he is currently involved in several music projects: as Scant Regard, and as lead guitarist for Adam Ant.

He is one of our Composers and his composition development has taken the form of added layers of electronica instruments, loops and an ever growing collection of pedals to his repertoire - the result is a collection of progressive rock and electronica music which we are thrilled to have on the Presana Production Music Library: streamed playlist below.

When you play one that you like, you should see 'view track' to the right-hand side - tap there and you'll be taken to all the track metadata needed, along with a link to the MCPS rate card for easy processing.

Great for computer games among other things. In equal measure: ambience, groove, high energy, echoes and fuzz.

If you are excited about the feeling of his music, do get in touch with us, so that we can have a chat and see how best we can help you.





  • Rock
  • Electric Guitar
  • Electronica
  • energy
  • Pedals
  • loops
  • fuzz
  • echoes
  • progressive rock
  • Production Music Library