Guilherme Kastrup

Specialism: Drums & Percussion, Production

Location: São Paulo, Brazil.

The Composer & Musician

Percussion maestro Guilherme Kastrup is originally from Rio de Janeiro where he studied at the “Conservatório Villa-Lobos”, before moving to São Paulo in the early 1990s, where while studying at “Faculdade de Música da Estácio de Sá”, he formed his first band “Dança & Balança”.

He pays particular tribute to the musicians Edgard Nunes Rocca (o Bituca), José Guedes and Marcos Suzano, for stimulating and igniting his musical career.

Dedicating himself to popular percussion studies based on traditional music genres including “jongos”, “congados”, “moçambiques”, “cavalo marinho”, “bumba-boi” and “tambor de crioula”. At the same time, he started to work with “percuterias” – combining the musical language of drums and percussion. 

The Producer

His growing interest in technology, electronic percussion, recording processes, microphone tuning, acoustics, recording programs and editing, led to building his own studio, Toca do Tatu, from where he started to work as a producer, mainly focused on Brazilian Popular Music (Música Popular Brasileira). 

Today, Guilherme Kastrup is a well established and leading producer in the independent music scene, credited with more than 20 albums. Among them: Andréia Dias – Volume 1, Badi Assad - Amor e outras manias crônicas, Marcia Castro - De pés no chão, Bruno Batista – Eu não sei sofrer em inglês, Bruno Morais - A Vontade Super Star.

He combines his work as a producer, with work as an instrumentalist. Performing on more than 150 recordings and on several national and international tours, with a long list of artists including: Chico César, Arnaldo Antunes, Gal Costa, Tom Zé, Zizi Possi, Adriana Calcanhoto, Jorge Drexler (Uruguai), Roberto Fonseca (Cuba), Tokiko Kato (Japão), Krishna Das (EUA), Zeca Baleiro, Vanessa da Mata and José Miguel Wisnik

Check him out in the studio below and do get in touch with us via to learn more including how Guilherme could help you with one of your projects. 



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