Jorge Ramirez-Escudero listing back in the Studio

J. Ramirez-Escudero

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Jorge was classically trained on the piano from the age of 5, and is self-taught on drums, percussion, guitar and bass.

His compositions pay tribute to an eclectic range of influences: the Classics (Bach, Beethoven in particular), African polyrhythms, late 19th Century French Impressionists (Debussy, Satie), Afro-Cuban swing, Indonesian Gamelan, 1960s jazz, hardcore upbeat funk, good ol' fashioned rock n roll, electronic music, math rock...

After 4 years working as in-house composer for Alejo Stivel, he lived in London for several years, before relocating back to Spain in 2013. Always the restless one... his humour, personality and energy shine through in his compositions

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  • composer
  • cinematic
  • Classical
  • upbeat
  • rhythms
  • Piano
  • drums
  • percussion
  • funk
  • bespoke music
  • production music
  • spanish
  • swing
  • Afro-cuban
  • Rock n Roll
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