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Trampolim are São Paulo based multi-instrumentalist duo Fabio Rocha Barros and Gabriel Nascimbeni - they have composed several pieces of musical works for the MCPS Registered Presana Production Music Library, as well as composing and recording the complete musical score for a collection of Brazilian Filmmakers including the 2013 Brazilian Documentary film "Presidentes Africanos" awarded "Best Journalistic Program / Documentary" by the Prêmio APCA (Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Arte) and aired on the Discovery Channel and Bandeirantes Channel.

Expect warm and rich layers of textured guitar strings against Brazilian rhythm and percussion.



  • composer
  • Library Music
  • Film music
  • Fabio Barros
  • Gabriel Nascimbeni
  • Brazilian
  • Brasileiro
  • São Paulo
  • Brasil
  • Presana Brasil
  • Tailor made